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Volunteer Spotlight- February 2019

Congratulations to our Reading Buddy of the Month – Page Borski! Page has been an awesome and extremely dedicated Reading Buddy since she began tutoring at Harmony Hills Elementary in North East ISD this past fall. She attended Harmony Hills when she was a child and as a mom of three herself, has seen first-hand that the more exposure kids have to books and reading the more confident readers they become.

Page has done a wonderful job of motivating her students through days when they’re reluctant to read. Page has also been a consistent Reading Buddy, which really makes a difference as students know they can count on a trusted adult who cares about them and their progress in school. She does a great job of having a lot of variety in her lessons, mixing in games of bingo and Erase-a-Man in order to keep her students engaged and interested in reading. She was even kind enough to get her students a small Christmas gift before the winter break!

We really appreciate Reading Buddies like Page who make an effort to go above and beyond for their students. It makes all the difference to a struggling reader to have an adult who is willing to put in the time to ensure they can live up to their true potential. Thanks for everything, Page!

Kirk Fallin