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Volunteer Spotlight – May 2018

Our Reading Buddy for the month is Kathleen Arteaga. This is Kathleen’s second year volunteering at Cameron Elementary in SAISD. She has been such a joy to work with and is amazing with her students. Not only does she work with four students, she has also attended every session possible since starting in October. Kathleen has gone above and beyond as a Reading Buddy!

We asked Kathleen why she is a Reading Buddy, and she replied, “It is the basis for everything. In 3rdgrade, it is excepted that they have already been taught how to read. And if they are not prepared for that, I just do not see how they can do it. Then they have a negative opinion about school – don’t feel up to the task.” Kathleen also shared with us she a breakthrough with one student in particular. “This one student was really, really shy. Almost after every sentence or every few words he would look at me to make sure he read it correctly, and I would say “keep going, keep going.’ His reading has improved, and he now reads aloud to his entire class!” The same student also shared with Kathy that he loves school!

We are glad to have Kathleen on our side, supporting and encouraging our future leaders. A big THANK YOU to Kathleen Arteaga!

Mary Flannigan