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Save The Date! Our 2024 Annual SAYL Luncheon

“A Conversation with… Summer Nilsson and Janine “Mama J” Richards”

The “A Conversation with…” series continues with two acclaimed Texas authors. Join us for a cause that turns pages into possibilities and connect with the wisdom and creativity of these two women.

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Thursday, March 7, 2024 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Whitley Theological Center 284 Oblate Dr., San Antonio, TX 78216

Summer Nilsson

Summer is the author and creator of the Loodor Tales, an original fantasy, adventure series
that reinforces kindness and connection while addressing mental health issues among youth.
Told through the lens of animals, and starring a cat named Grey, the series has been featured on
NBC Texas Today, CW33, ABC and hailed by Kirkus, InStyle, Publisher’s Weekly, Michael
Clinton, former president of Hearst Publications, among others.

The Loodor Tales delivers a message of positivity to kids… on their terms. In short, it is cool,
relevant, and written to bridge a bigger conversation regarding confidence and empathy. The
subtext and layered characterizations engage middle grade and up, as well as parents and
audiences of all ages. Storylines are designed for adaptation, providing a built-in animal network,
backed by emotional connection, and aligned with the most pressing issue among today’s youth:

Janine “Mama J” Richards

“From teething toys to sugar rags used in centuries past, to today’s rubber pacifiers, children all over the world continue to need pacifiers,” says Author Janine “Mama J” Richards, who debuted her sing-along book, Paci, Oh, Paci!, last year. Known as Mama J to her grandchildren, Janine shows how a pacifier is desired to soothe infants and toddlers across many families. “Love absolutely makes the world go round and similar experiences where belly laughs arise will forever connect us all.” 

As a ‘Bahn and raised’ Crucian, reigning from the island of  St. Croix, Janine’s West Indian roots and culture remain deep in her soul. The gracious city of San Antonio, Texas,  has been her home for over 30 years. It’s where her three children were born and raised. Spanning these years, the Hispanic advertising world, Sosa & Associates and Garcia 360, lent much significant experience — from executive assistant to producer to account executive to operations manager, and much more — to her work journey. Prior to Covid-19, Janine crafted family success messages for a non-profit, Yes! Our Kids Can. Together, with a super talented team,  they used digital art and music to create success mindsets in children and families in underserved communities! 

Today, when not working on her next book, Janine creates oil paintings using photographs. She also works with awesome students in a public school district as a Librarian Instructional Assistant. Targeting parents, grandparents, and families all over the world, Janine has more books on the horizon to show how families share many experiences and loves alike. “I want anything artistically created to bring emotions to light – a smile, a deep-down good feeling, a soothing peace, and eye-opening knowledge  — to all those it touches,” says Janine.

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