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Donor Spotlight-August 2017

This summer, the SAYL staff was excited and grateful to receive a donation of books from Anjali Joshi and her teenage son. Anjali͛s son had earned over three hundred dollars in Amazon gift cards and wanted to make sure they were put to use for a worthy cause. His mother was familiar with the work of SAYL from her longtime family friend and SAYL founder, Harriett Marmon Helmle, and she reached out to see about donating.With the Joshis͛ donation, program staff were able to purchase a collection of forty-three bilingual and Spanish-language books.These books add linguistic variety to our library and allow us to better support Reading Buddies who work with learners from diverse backgrounds. Titles from local authors such as Carmen Tafolla͛s What Can You Do with a Paleta?: ¿Qúe puedes hacer con una paleta? and Sandra Cisneros͛ Hairs: Pelitos, help children see themselves, their families, and their communities reflected in books they read.

Mary Flannigan