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Volunteer Spotlight – April 2020

This April, we want to make a special shout out to Dr. Cary Stratton, our Reading Buddy of the Month and the winner of our Refer-A-Buddy Campaign! Cary has been a Reading Buddy volunteer for the past seven years, first learning about the program through his church, First Presbyterian. He has been a Reading Buddy this past school year at Wilson Elementary, and prior to that was serving at Democracy-Prep Stewart, both in SAISD.

Retiring after forty-seven years as an ear-nose-throat doctor, he was excited to be part of the SAYL team working one-on-one with second grade students. “I get to be a granddad figure to kids who are hungry for positive adult influence. It is very gratifying,” noted Cary. 

Cary has gone above and beyond this year, not only by being a dedicated Reading Buddy to his students, but by helping to recruit a half dozen new Reading Buddies for the program! He has shared his tutoring experience with his patients as well as with other organizations, including the Texas Cavaliers and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. 

Thank you so much, Dr. Stratton for being a SAYL Champion and helping more students have a Reading Buddy volunteer this year. We truly appreciate your continued support!

Mary Flannigan