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Note from our Board Chair – April 2019

San Antonio Youth Literacy is grateful for every Reading Buddy that has made a difference in the lives of the children in our community. Being a Reading Buddy is a commitment – making time each week to read with students in need. Some of our volunteers have been Reading Buddies for years while others have not been able to continue with the commitment. We appreciate anyone who is willing to be a Reading Buddy, whether for one semester or five years. 

In addition to Reading Buddy volunteers, San Antonio Youth Literacy is in need of people who are willing to make another commitment – a monthly commitment of money to SAYL. I have issued a Chair’s Challenge to recruit 1,000 monthly donors by 2020. 

If you are a weekly Reading Buddy, please consider doing a little more with a monthly donation. If you are a former Reading Buddy and cannot continue to make the weekly commitment, please consider returning to SAYL with a monthly donation. If you cannot make the time commitment as a Reading Buddy, please join the SAYL community with a monthly donation.

You can set up the donation (any amount will help) through our website or through your personal bank. SAYL staff is available to help you become part of the SAYL tribe! Join today with a monthly donation to improve the lives of our children.

Malinda Gaul, SAYL Board Chair


Mary Flannigan