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Book Buddy News- October 2017

Activity at Book Buddies slowed considerably in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The SAISD donated several of its school spaces to Red Cross housing of evacuees, and there was a plan to use our headquarters for overflow evacuee space. Although that did not happen, district employees emptied the gym in preparation and stored all our books and supplies, putting us out of commission for a couple of weeks.

But everything is back where it belongs and we are back in business! In the interim, Book Buddies did our part to help people displaced by the hurricane by donating some books, including adult books, to a center housing 70 evacuees. The Red Cross volunteers there said people were desperate for books to read, and we were happy to be able to help.

Book drives continue, however, and we have several groups scheduled to come to the headquarters to begin sorting and boxing up books for our big giveaway in May. Many, many thanks to EcoBox for their donation of 1,500 boxes (and free delivery!) so that volunteers will have somewhere to put all those sorted books! We were totally out of boxes after last year’s big yield of over 20,000 books, so EcoBox has saved us in the nick of time.

Recognition also goes to Alamo Heights Methodist Church for their book donation and to our steadfast book-collector in Boerne, Al Koppen, who delivered a car trunk full of books to Book Buddies in September. Thanks to everyone who donated all those books! Fall is a great time to run a book drive. Everyone is back from vacation and thinking more about education. Any group can run a drive—it’s fun, and it’s easy. Just announce the dates, put out some boxes (or ask Book Buddies for some), and give periodic reminders. Contact us if you need sample posters or flyers( Fall book drives help get those books to us in plenty of time to get them sorted and boxed all ready for the spring giveaways to the kids.

Let your children help in the drive. It’s a great way for them to learn the satisfaction of sharing with someone less fortunate.

Mary Flannigan