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OUR VOLUNTEERS: Book Buddies volunteers have swung into high gear to get those books ready for our Book Celebrations in the schools next May. Our most loyal group again this year has been the Reagan High School chapter of the National Honor Society. They have been at our facility nearly every Monday evening and some Saturdays and will continue their service into May. Led by Alyssa Carrasco, they’re a well-oiled machine — and they keep everyone in good humor. Thanks, RHS!


Above: UTSA Voices is another group returning to lend a hand (Note the V’s!)

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS! At our last count, in early February, we had 31,000 books boxed and ready to go, and many more have been sorted and boxed since then. We still need more volunteers to sign up to help make sure we get every single donated book ready for pickup in May. You can sign up here: It’s fun, you make new friends, and you do a really good thing for the children of your community.

BOXES: Our volunteers couldn’t get the books ready for delivery without boxes. We need lots of boxes, and they’re expensive. But again this year the generous people at EcoBox have donated two pallets — that’s 1,500 boxes — delivered on February 19th. Many, many thanks to EcoBox for their continuing interest in Book Buddies and our mission of children’s literacy. They truly exemplify what being a good corporate citizen means.

BOOK DRIVES are still going on, with a number of groups collecting gently-used books for this year’s school giveaways. San Antonio Academy, Phyllis Browning Company, and Hill Country Retreat are among the organizations participating. It’s not too late to start a drive: just let people know you’re doing it, the dates of the drive, and where to drop off the books. If you can’t bring the books to Book Buddies, just email us at and we’ll pick them up.

BOOKS FOR READING BUDDIES. Again this year, Book Buddies is providing books for SAYL’s Reading Buddies to give their students at the end of the year. On February 26thand 27thvolunteers selected those books so all the children in the Reading Buddies program will have gifts from their Buddies. Last year BB gave 3,400 books to these children to help them start a home library and learn a love of reading.

Kirk Fallin