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Help share the love of reading!

The SAYL BOOK BUDDIES Initiative is collecting books suitable for kids in kinder through 5th grade to be given out at the end of the school year at free book fairs at our SAYL Reading Buddy schools.

Book GiveawayEach child will be able to choose books to take home to read over the summer. Studies in educational development show that children who grow up owning books are much more likely to finish school. This means they are more likely to avoid the worst outcomes of poverty: dropping out, becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol, teen pregnancy, joblessness. All because of books!

You can help change that and make every child a reader! The books you provide will be read again and again by their proud owners and other children in the family. Even parents can improve their reading ability by reading to or with their children!

You can facilitate all this by donating books your child has outgrown or no longer wants, or hold a book drive of your own. To donate books to SAYL Book Buddies or to organize a book drive please email or call 210-299-1533 x100.

Types of Books We Need:

  • Picture Books (example – Where the Wild Things Are)
  • I Can Read series
  • Children’s chapter books
  • Any book appropriate up to a 6th grade level