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Volunteer Spotlight – May 2019

Congratulations to our Reading Buddy of the Month – Connie Sharon! Connie has been an amazing Reading Buddy at Clear Spring Elementary in NEISD since she joined after learning about our program through two friends who are Reading Buddies, and after seeing us at the A Way With Words show this past summer. 

Connie is a very dedicated tutor who is not afraid to ask questions to better serve her students. She is also an extremely creative Reading Buddy! She looks for ways to incorporate other reading materials into her lessons, such as postcards written to her students on her travels and riddles from children’s websites. Like other Reading Buddies who sometimes bring magazines and newspapers to read with their students, Connie understands the importance of adding variety to her lessons and showing students that reading is not limited to books and books alone. “Every week now at the end of the session I give them a riddle, they read it and try and solve it. I want them to think reading is fun and not just hard work,” noted Connie.              

We appreciate all of our Reading Buddies and are very happy to highlight Connie for consistently going above and beyond! 

Mary Flannigan