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Volunteer Spotlight – February 2020

Hats off to our Reading Buddy of the Month, Deya Palmero! Deya is a first-year Reading Buddy who has been very enthusiastic about the program since day one. She first heard about the program from a friend who had shared about her own experience on social media. After speaking with her friend and reading more about SAYL she decided she also wanted to volunteer. 

Deya is serving as a Reading Buddy through our pilot bilingual program at Woodlawn Academy in SAISD. While researching SAYL and the program Deya felt drawn to mission. “I was a bilingual student during 1st and 2nd grade and had some great mentors that helped me. I wanted to share my personal experience and dual languages to help my mentees,” noted Deya.

This school year she has already made a strong connection with her students, and she works hard to make sure they are enjoying their time together and learning to love reading as well. “I felt that being a Reading Buddy was a meaningful way to give back and impact students’ lives for the long run.  One hour a week with two students, each for 30 minutes, is the best investment I could make in a student’s life that would affect their reading level forever,” added Deya.

Thank you Deya for sharing your story and for being a Reading Buddy with SAYL!

Deya Palmero, Reading Buddy Volunteer

Mary Flannigan