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School Spotlight December 2019

A big congratulations to our December school spotlight, Mead Elementary of NISD. Their accommodating and welcoming spirit extends far beyond their time with the volunteers. The Amazing staff in their school go above and beyond to make sure the Reading Buddies and the students have the space that they need to continuously connect through the power of reading. Their wonderful dedication comes in many forms beyond wanting to increase reading levels. Mead Elementary also makes sure the smiles and bonds formed (and thank you notes!) in the program are exchanged.

SAYL would also like to give a special shout out to Ms. Sylvia Stadler, the program director. When asked why she felt it was important to read with children, she states, “There are so many benefits to reading with children.  When you read with children you are modeling best reading practices and hopefully spark an interest in reading. It also helps with a child’s attention span, their language development, and comprehension. When you read different genres with children, it helps with their imagination and exposes them to a world they might not otherwise know about.” Thank you, Ms. Stadler!  

Kirk Fallin