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Executive Director’s Note – January 2019

“If you want to touch the past, touch a rock.

If you want to touch the present, touch a flower.

If you want to touch the future, touch a life.“ -Unknown

Well, the earth has made another trip around the sun and we find ourselves once again beginning the journey  anew. For me, as I imagine for most of you, New Year’s Eve is spent in reflection. How can we make resolutions for a new year without evaluating our resolution of the year coming to an end? Was giving of your time, talents or treasure included on your list of resolutions? How did you do?

San Antonio Youth Literacy Reading Buddies can tell you about resolving to give of their time, talents and treasures to our most vital population, our SAYL students. Every year we have hundreds of individuals across San Antonio who recognize the importance of spending time with 2nd grade students who are struggling with reading, of sharing their talents nurturing hungry young minds throughout the school year and pledging a portion of their treasure to assure the future success in life of children who might not otherwise realize such success. Unlike many of us, Reading Buddies can look back on their year with the satisfaction of knowing that they kept their New Year resolutions.

Want to feel good at the end of 2019? Want to boast to your friends that you keep your resolutions? Want to feel like a part of the solution? Come join us at SAYL. Be a part of the tribe. Touch the future, touch the life of a child. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Kirk Fallin