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Volunteer Spotlight – March 2019

Congratulations to our Reading Buddy of the Month – Betty Franklin! Betty has been a fantastic Reading Buddy since she started at Neal Elementary back in September. Betty has done a fantastic job of being a consistent Reading Buddy. It means so much to students to have an adult who follows up on their commitment to see them each week. She also makes it a point to have great variety in her lessons. Betty has shown great adaptability as a Reading Buddy and has even taken her students to the book fair that was being held in their tutoring location. It is important to remind students that books really are fun and exciting! While it is not necessary to buy books for students, we do have Reading Buddies like Betty who go out of their way to get them gifts that will help foster a love of literature. We appreciate all of our Reading Buddies who are so generous with their time, and we want to thank Betty for all of her hard work!


In Betty’s own words, “Reading is so critical. It is impossible to survive if you can’t read. Reading can open all kinds of worlds!”


Kirk Fallin