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Volunteer Spotlight – Steven Simpson

Our Reading Buddy of the month goes to Steven Simpson. Mr. Simpson has been with SAYL for two years now and volunteers at Green Elementary in SAISD. He first learned about the Reading Buddy program through a public service announcement on Texas Public Radio’s classical music station. When he heard the broadcast he thought it would be a good thing to do. “I really believe that if you help a child you are improving the future,” noted Simpson.

Mr. Simpson has been amazing and wonderful to his students and his teacher Ms. Garcia. Ms. Garcia is grateful for the time and effort he puts in as he goes above and beyond for his students by supporting and encouraging them to excel. “Mr. Simpson truly enjoys volunteering. He always comes with a smile and greets the entire class.  The students have grown fond of him ever since he dressed up as a wizard for Halloween. He has definitely made a positive impact and we thank him for his help,” said Ms. Garcia. “The kids keep me coming back each week. They are a lot of fun; I enjoy getting to know them, see them grow. I am hoping that I am having a positive effect even outside our reading time.”

When we asked Mr. Simpson why he felt so passionate about reading with children, he replied, “Education is the ladder out of poverty. Helping kids is helping the future. To interactive with the kids and feel like I’m helping them, is fulfilling for me and I appreciate the opportunity to do it.”

We thank Mr. Simpson for everything he has done and continues to do! We appreciate you, Mr. Simpson.


Kirk Fallin