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Reading Buddy Tip of the Month: Back from Winter Break and Ready to Read

After two weeks off from school, many children lose some reading proficiency, particularly if they did not do much recreational reading over the break. For your first session back, you may consider choosing books from a lower reading level or re-reading a book you read before the break to help ease back into the academic routine and help your students regain their confidence. Re-reading is a great way to help students gain fluency and accuracy, however, when you chose books to read for a second (or third) time, make sure to choose a book that the student enjoyed on the first reading so re-reading isn’t a chore.

By spring semester, you have likely gotten to know your students pretty well; you now have a better sense of their likes/dislikes, strengths and challenges with reading, and learning styles. It’s a great time to try incorporating some new activities into your session. Try using sight word bingo, using the whiteboard to practice new words, or breaking out the summarizing sheets to work on comprehension. If you are stuck on how to best help your student, reach out to your Program Manager so they can offer you suggestions.

Kirk Fallin