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January 2017 Newsletter

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Your Monthly News & Updates – January 2017
A Note from Our Executive Director
“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” 
– Albert Einstein
Here’s hoping that everyone had a great holiday season. As for the SAYL staff, we are back and energized to start the second half of the school year. The new year brings with it a promise of new beginnings and resolve. For the children we mentor, it brings brighter futures through new found skills and self confidence. Read more here…
Reading Buddy Insider
Quick Tip – Reading Too Fast 
Help, My Student is Reading Too Quickly!
Does your student read at a fast pace, without much expression, or constantly guesses at words or skips over them entirely? Check out these awesome tips to help students who are reading too fast!


Reading Buddy Seminar: 
Reading to Learn, a Focus on Comprehension
This Reading Buddy Seminar will focus on ways you can help deepen your students’ understanding of the books they read. We will go over strategies for helping your students summarize text, get the main idea, make inferences, and grow their vocabulary. This class is ideal for new and returning Reading Buddy volunteers.
Three opportunities to attend!
Saturday, February 23, 10am-11:30am
Tuesday, February 25, 5pm-6:30pm
Thursday, February 28, 10am-11:30am
Book Buddy News
Book Buddies have been busy collecting books for the book celebrations in May. Tara Lindow at Southside ISD has 764 books waiting to be picked up. She says the box is “crazy big” -no kidding! Volunteers will be arriving soon with several boxes to transport this great haul to Book Buddies headquarters. A group called Give More Hugs is also hosting a drive and will be helping to sort books where they will write notes to the books’ recipients and sort all their books. Leader Amir Samandi says they are very excited about their partnership with Book Buddies. Read more here…
Reading Buddy Spotlight
Please meet Carla Esparza and Tracey Taylor of Zachary Corporation, our Reading Buddies of the Month! Carla and Tracey are Reading Buddy partners, who together work with one student at Larkspur Elementary. Read more here…
Site Director Spotlight
Our Site Director for the month is the librarian from J.T. Brackenridge, Norma Montalvo! Ms. Montalvo has taught for eleven years; six years at the first grade level and five years at the third grade level. She has been the librarian for J.T. Brackenridge for the last six years. Read more here…
Donor Spotlight
A special thanks to the V.H. McNutt Memorial Foundation for their continued support of our SAYL Reading Buddy Program through their $5,000 grant award.
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