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Reading Buddy Spotlight – Lucy Blevins

This month’s Reading Buddy goes to Ms. Lucy Blevins! Lucy has been a Reading Buddy since the 2013-2014 school year and is continuing into her 6th year. She is a volunteer at Bonham Academy and has enjoyed every minute of it. She first learned about the program through her company, AT&T, and was drawn to the program as an avid reader herself.

Over her years of service, Lucy loves seeing her students improve and their confidence levels go up. “It’s not difficult, just taking the time to be there every week,” said Blevins. Seeing their improvement keeps her coming back each year. “How the kids improve, their comprehension of what they’re reading is very rewarding. It’s a great program!” Lucy also added that she would love to do this all day if she could.

We appreciate all the help Lucy has provided for our program and to her students throughout the years. Not only does she work with her two assigned students but goes the extra the mile and helps out Mrs. Guhlin with students in her classroom as well. SAYL is fortunate to have a Reading Buddy like Lucy. Thank you so much!

Mary Flannigan