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Executive Director Note – December 2019

“Mankind was my business… charity, mercy, forbearance, benevolence, were all my business.” 

Charles Dickens (1845). “A Christmas Carol in Prose: Being a Ghost Story of Christmas”

This month I have decided to dedicate my message to all of you who know what our “business” during our time here on Earth should be. No matter what our religious persuasion, most of us are familiar with Charles Dickens’ classic Christmas tale about Ebenezer Scrooge, the miserable, miserly man who through redemption realized the power of the collective responsibility to mankind that we all share. 

San Antonio and Bexar County are so fortunate to have hundreds of nonprofit organizations and the individuals who serve them and understand the concept of the greater good. Not having worked in the nonprofit world during my first career, it was an extraordinary revelation to me to realize the magnitude of the safety net that is cast for those individuals of our community in need of it. And it’s not just those providing the services, for without funding, it would be an impossible task. It is the philanthropic spirit demonstrated by the entire population, in particular individuals such as Harvey Najim, Ed Whitacre, Bill Greehey, Gordon Hartman, the Mays Family, the Kleese Family and many others, as well as civically responsible corporations including CPS Energy, Valero, NuStar, and others. Together with these individuals, corporations and the City of San Antonio leadership and staff, those of us involved in day-to-day service for those in need strive to create an environment that provides opportunities, assistance, encouragement and bootstraps where there are none. 

Together we move forward for the better good. Thank you to all: Reading Buddies, generous donors, corporate and faith-based partners, and our civic leaders. Here is hoping that everyone enjoys the upcoming holidays, and in the words of Tiny Tim, 

“God bless us everyone!”

Deborah Valdez, Executive Director

Kirk Fallin