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Reading Buddy Seminar – Opt 1

Spring 2019 Reading Buddy Seminar

This seminar is intended for new and current Reading Buddies interested in the linguistic components of reading instruction. It will focus on how to help students learn and practice the links between letters and the sounds they represent (i.e. phonics) within a typical reading session. The seminar will incorporate some content from previous seminars, but also offer new information and strategies. Reading Buddy Seminars offer a supportive environment for volunteers to come together to learn, ask questions, and share their own experiences.

The seminar will be conducted by Program Director, Ellen Van Meter, a former teacher with a master’s degree in Literacy Education. The seminar is an optional training for SAYL Reading Buddy volunteers, and does not take place of the initial, required training for new volunteers.


This is the first option of four to attend.