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I knew my son was having a hard time in reading. As a single parent, I struggle with my work schedule and helping my child’s schooling. The San Antonio Youth Literacy volunteer at my son’s school helped me give confidence to my son and he is no longer afraid to read with his friends in class. I sincerely thank the volunteers, the people that donate funds and all the other sponsors of SAYL. Thank you.

Sarah Veiga – Parent

I love reading with elementary kids and helping them grow out of their shyness and gain confidence in their ability to read well in a classroom. It has impacted my own life by enriching my connection with my community and giving me a chance to give-back. SAYL Rocks!

Abigail Hernandez – Volunteer

I volunteer at Dan Cook Elementary helping 2 elementary students because I love reading and want to share that passion and importance with our youth. I understand that the ability to read can help these children reach their future goals in life.

Leslie Lu – Volunteer

My niece was having a hard time staying on pace with the other students in her class. She was always frustrated she could not read as fast as her fellow classmates. Thanks in a large part to the volunteers that help run San Antonio Youth Literacy, she was able to get the help she needed. She no longer fears reading a book and we owe a large part of her confidence to SAYL. Thank you!

Erik Larson – Parent