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Executive Director Note – February 2019

“Somewhere along the way, we must learn that there is

nothing greater than to do something for others.”

-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

One semester down and one to go! Don’t know about you, but it flew by, right? This month, I have chosen a quote by Dr. King in honor of his life and the celebration of February as Black History Month. As well, it is not simply a coincidence that it is also the month that we celebrate love. The sentiment of Dr. King is a universal observation of the power of love and dedication to others.

All of our Reading Buddies know that when they sign on, they become part of something greater than themselves. We can quantify the success of our program through the academic gains our students demonstrate, and we can see the difference we make in their lives every time we come through the classroom door and are greeted with the pure joy for our presence.

Have a great February – celebrate history and send Valentines. Not forgetting that Reading Buddies are our best recruiters, we challenge you to share the joy and fulfillment you experience with one other person and sign them up!

PS – Don’t forget to join us at California Pizza at the Quarry – February 6.  Get great pizza, etc. and earn money for SAYL.

Kirk Fallin