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School Spotlight – March 2020

Hats off to our School Spotlight, Rogers Academy in SAISD! Rogers has been an amazing school partner for many years. They continue to partner with the Reading Buddy Program as they want to allow their students the opportunity to have social awareness as well as literacy engagement to support their academic goals.

Our Site Director, Ms. Martinez, who serves as the school’s English Language Arts and Reading (ELAR) Instruction Coach, noted that “Reading one-on-one with children allows for students to be fully present in a comfortable, non-judgmental environment where they let their inhibitions down and fully engage in the moment. Students are able to respond in a more positive way while putting forth all their efforts and focus towards loving to read!”

The 2ndgrade teachers also have had many rewarding and impactful stories to share about the program over the years. “I have had nothing but great, kind, and caring Reading Buddies who go above and beyond to love our students. One Reading Buddy in particular, Ms. Clements started with me my first year at Rogers. Now, I can’t imagine having a Wednesday without her! Her dedication to students is amazing—she has rescheduled meetings and worked around busy travel schedules to make sure she always shows up for the kids. My first year she was paired with a student, and now three years later she is working with his younger brother. She has made such an impact in my classroom and in that family. Grateful doesn’t even begin to cover it,” added Ms. Meyers, 2nd grade teacher at Rogers.

Rogers has been an enthusiastic and supportive partner of the Reading Buddy program since day one. The teachers are always more than willing to work with volunteers’ schedules and frequently mention how grateful they are to have caring adults spend meaningful time with their students. They truly appreciate the program and work hard to make sure it runs as effectively as possible, all in an effort to better serve their students. Thank you, Rogers Academy for all you do!

Above: Our Site Director Ms. Martinez (second from left) with the 2nd grade team at Rogers Academy spelling out “SAYL”

Mary Flannigan